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Turn conversations into transformations

Make it your job to help others

Activate into service

with SandringS Coach Training

The Heart of Coaching

At SandringS we've refined the science of coaching to include only the most essential components, and then cultivated the teaching of these components to near-perfection.


The result is a much more potent and fundamental-to-human-nature approach to coaching, that can be applied anywhere in life, to help people in a meaningful way by creating actual change.

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"Thank you for the time and ingenuity it took to take all your knowledge about coaching, and then decide what content to present , and in PRECISELY the perfect order, so we aspiring coaches could grok it the best way possible. Couldn’t have been easy! Thanks, too, for holding a container for us to each learn in our own way and never dropping it, not even on the off days!😎 Simply awesome. Yay Bard and Veena!"

Joan Martin 

"Thanks Bårdizzle! This course was so worth the investment and I’m super grateful to have gone through it with all of you. It’s helping me navigate relationships much more skillfully even beyond the coaching dynamic. Y’all are awesome!"

Nico Holloman 

-Social media inlfluencer 

"Thanks so much. All received. Quality from beginning to end! so in awe of what you've created and of the gorgeous souls who you've congregated around it.

I’ve gone further in my personal growth then l’ve ever gone before, and way way beyond what I could have ever imagined"

Robina Scott

-Coach & Educator 20+ years

for the course that no-one ever regretted being a part of


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